Full Auto Circular Sawing Machine
(Thinner tube)


‧Custom automatic magazine loader length (3m~9m) and custom automatic outfeed length (0.5m~3.5m)
Steel Cutting Servo-motor driving and roller feeding + Stopper driven by servo-motor + Ball screw transmission for stopping. head and end pieces are outfeed separately.

Main Drive Motor 5HP 4 pole A (Std.)
2 pole B (Opt.)
Blade Speed A: L 20RPM-70RPM
H 35RPM-120RPM
B: L 40RPM-140RPM
H 70RPM-240RPM
Frequency Inverter 5kw / 7.5HP (opt)
Head Swivel 90º
Clamping Vise Double
Coolant Pump Motor 40W (1/8P) or 1/2HP ; 40W (1/8P)
Max. Clamping Capacity 150
Saw Blade Size HSS Ø250-Ø400(10"-14") StandardØ350 MaximumØ400
Pin Hole Of Saw Blade 2 x 11 x PCD63 x 32
Selective Feeding Speed 0-50 M
Feeding Length 0-2000 mm (Max. 2000~3500mm)
Hydraulic Pump Moto 2HP (1.5kw)
Operating Pressure 25-30 kg/cm²
Air Pressure Consumption 7 kg/cm² (120 ℓ/min)
Material Storage Motor 2HP (1.5 Kw)
Material Line-Up Motor 1HP (0.75 Kw)
Servo-Motor Of Feeding 1.5Kw
Servo-Motor Driving Stopper 1.5Kw
Table's Height 900 mm
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH)  9500 x 2400 x 2000 mm (374" x 95" x 79") inch
Net Weight 4000 kgs (8800 lbs)
*The manufacturer always performs product improvements to achieve the best possible performance. All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without notice. Products specifications are based on the actual machines. The manufacturer holds explanation rights.


Servo-Motor+Ball Screw Transmission Stopper
‧The stopper is adjustable to the desired length of cut.

Adjustable Feed Magazine
‧Workpiece arrangement is  adjustable to meet size and shape variation.
‧Equipped with single roller  for superior feeding  performance.

Fully Automatic Feed Magazine
‧Workpiece infeed and line up are fully automatic.
‧Workpiece feed to waiting-to-cut position for time saving.

Roller Feeding System
‧Double roller feed systemprovides
fast feed. Driven by servomotor,
feed speeds are adjustable.    
‧Encoder for right roller allows for automatic end trimming  and accurate length of cut.

Aluminum Cutting Sawhead
‧Built on 400AB series.

Steel Cutting Sawhead

Centralized Control Panel
‧Touch screen control panel.

Head Swivel 90°
mm 75
mm 90
mm 60x60-75x75
mm 40x80

Recommended Pitch Of Saw Blade

Ø10 - Ø15 4-6 Thin Pipe 3-6
Ø15 - Ø20 6-8 Medium Pipe 6-8
Ø20 - Ø30 8-10 Thick Wall Pipe 8-12
Ø30 - Ø50 10-12 Choose correct pitch of saw blade for perfect cutting.
Ø50 - Ø70 12-14
Ø70 - Ø80 14-16