Metal Chamfering Machine

Workpiece length of cut (mm) 180~760
Pipe and Bar O.D. Outter I.D. Inner Angle and End Face (mm) A1 Φ12-Φ52, B1 Φ50-Φ90, C1 Φ80-Φ120
According to length , type workpiece
A T0.8-5mm (Standand) B T5-12mm (Optional)
A type Spindle Motor (hp kw) 2HP~5HP 1.5kw~3.75kw (2pce)
A type Spindle Spee (rpm) 00~1500RPM (Standard) 800~2000RPM (Optional)
A type Frequency Converter (kw) 5HP-15HP (3.75~11kw)
B type Spindle Server Motor (hp kw) 5HP(3.5kw) 2pcs (Optional)
B type Spindle Speed (rpm) 300~1500rpm (Optional)
SERVO-motor drive ball screw feeding (kw) 1.0kw(2 pcs) (Standard))
SERVER-motor drive shaft feeding and outfeeding  (kw) 1.5kw(1 pcs) (Standard))
Air Pressure (mpa) 6~8kg/cm², 120ml/min, 0.6~0.8mpa
Applicable Materials Various pipes including steel, iron ,stainless steel ,aluminum and bronze
Cutterhead (mm)
O.D.Ø130Ø12~Ø52 Standard MAX Ø60
O.D.Ø170Ø50~Ø120 Optional
Machine dimensions (L xWxH) (mm) 2330x1630x2130
Packing dimensions (L xWxH) (mm) 2400x1700x2200
N.W (kg) 1600
G.W. (kg) 1900

‧Stanard cutterhead for left and right x 2 set (To be made according to different angle of outside dia. And inside dia.)
‧Circular clamp two pieces in one set (To be made according to different dimension of outside dia.)

‧Custom cutterhead
‧Custom circular clamping mold
‧Fully safty guard