Metal Chamfering Machine

Spindle Motor (kw(hp)) 2 HP ~ 3H P
Spindle Speed (rpm) H: 920 / 1600
L: 620 / 1200
Frequency Converter (kw) --
Air Pressure (mpa) 6-8Kg/cm², 120ml/min 0.6~0.8mpa
Cutterhead (mm) A Ø12~Ø52 (Std.)
B Ø10~Ø16 (Opt.)
C Ø25~Ø80 (Opt.)
Pipe and Bar O.D. Outter /
I.D. Inner Angle and End Face(mm)
Pip  O.D.Ø12~Ø80
Bar O.D.Ø12~Ø38
Applicable Materials Various pipes including steel ` iron ` stainless steel ` aluminum ` bronze ` non-ferrous metal ` plastic and graphite fiber
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) No cover
With cover
Packing dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 870x690x1100
N. W. (kg) 250
G. W. (kg) 300
* This custom machine is designed by customer providing workpieces specification and drawing. Please specificate the OD and ID, and end-face and outter angle of the workpiece. According to customers special needs, we made custom machine, length of workpiece; 50mm~100mm above.
* The manufacturer always performs product improvements to achieve the best possible performance. All specification dimensions and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without notice.  Products specifications are based on the actual machines. The manufacturer holds explanation rights.


  • 1. Manual material loading and automatic cutter feeding / retracting provides high operational speed and greatly increase productivity.
  • 2. The semi-automatic model has 2-step feed speed. The first step feed is high speed, then the second step feed speed is adjustable to produce clean and smooth cutting results.
  • 3. Changing sizes of cut are conveniently made by simply adjusting and changing cutterhead and clamp.
  • 4. Speed change on model 50SA、85SA is made through pulley for chamfering various materials of workpieces ensuring long service life of cutter.
  • 5. Models 110SA and 150SA employ-change motor to change speed for chamfering various materials of workpiece, ensuring long service life of cutter.

Auto Matic Model

Motion cycle includes automatic material infeed through a channel (automatic feeder is optional). Automatic cutting feeding/retracting and automatic workpiece outfeed. Continuous motion cycles provide high machining speed, high accuracy, reduced labor requirement while greatly upgrading productivity.

Normal Method For Pilpe End Chamfering

 ‧Ø16~Ø10 Chamfering inner and outter angles 
  ‧Ø10~Ø3.2 Chamfering inner and outter angles

‧Ø5~Ø12 Optional cutter head

  ‧Ø12~Ø52 Standard cutter head (MAX Ø60)

‧Ø25~Ø80 Ø25~Ø150 Standard cutter head

‧FHC-75EA   Clamping mold
‧FHC-120EA Clamping mold

 ‧Chamfering samples

‧New cutter head Φ12 ~Φ120

‧Twin head chamfering clmap Ø12~Ø52

‧82SA Standard clamp Ø10~Ø80
‧150SA Standard clampØ25~Ø150
‧170SA Optional clamp Ø50~Ø170

‧Stanard cutterhead x 1 set
‧Circular clamping mold x 1 set

‧Custom cutterhead
‧Custom circular clamping mold