Whole-plant equipment
(Cutting connect with Chamfering)

Spindle Motor (kw(hp)) 5 HP(3.75kw) x 2 ps(Standard)
2 HP(1.5kw) ~ 5HP(3.75kw) (Optional)
Spindle Speed (rpm) 300 ~ 1500rpm (Standard)
800 ~ 2500rpm (Optional)
Frequency Converter (kw) 5HP~15HP (3.75kw~11kw)
Sever-Motor Feeding (kw(hp)) 1.5kw (Optional)
Air Pressure (mpa) 6~8 kg/cm², 120ml/min , 0.6~0.8mpa
Applicable Materals Various pipes including steel, iron, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze
Pipe and Bar
O.D. Outter I.D.
Inner Angle and End Face(mm)
A type workpiece Ø12~Ø60,
B type workpiece Ø50~Ø90,
C type workpiece Ø80~Ø120,
thickness T0.8~5mm
According to length of A、B or C type workpiece
Workpiece Length A type workpiece L25~300mm
B type workpiece L25~250mm
C type workpiece L25~200mm
According to outside of A、B or C type workpiece
Cutterhead (mm) O.D Ø130 Ø12~Ø52,(MAX Ø60) (Standard)
O.D Ø170 Ø50~Ø120, (Optional)
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 2330x1630x2130
Packing Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 2400x1700x2200
N.W. (kg) 2200 kg
G.W. (kg) 2500 kg
*This custom machine is designed according to assigned workpieces, specification and drawing. Please specify the OD, ID, end-face, chamfering angle and end knurling of the workpiece. According to customers special needs, we made custom machine.
Model THC-B90NC
Cutting Capacity  
Round Solid Bar (mm) 15~90
Square Solid Bar (mm) 15~80
Rectangle (mm) 15~80
Round Pipe (mm) 15~90
Square Pipe (mm) 15~80
Maximum Length of Head Cut (mm) 10 ~ 60
Tail Length Shorten Facility (mm) 20~25 (oprional)
Waste Material Length at Tail End (mm) 55~(55 +π Cutting length)
Feeding Length (mm) 5~600 Continuous cycles
Manually Stack Line-up Loader Capacity (kg) 3000
Material Length (mm) 2000 ~ 6000
Material Loading Width (mm) 950
Machine Specifications THC-B90NC
TCT Carbide Sawblade Ø285 × 2.0~Ø330 × 2.25
Pin Holes + Bore (mm) 4 × Ø11 × PCD63 × Ø32
TIP Aluminum Carbide Sawblade (mm) --
Pin Holes + Bore (mm) --
HSS Sawblade (mm) Ø285~Ø330/t2.0~2.5
Spindle Motor (kw) 9 (12HP)
Spindle Speeds (rpm) 50~200
Frequency Inverter (kw) 11 (12HP)
Hydraulic Pump Motor (kw) 2.2 (3HP)
Operation Pressure (mpa) 7mpa 70kg/cm²
Oil Tank Capacity (ℓ) About 120
Air Pressure (mpa) 0.4~0.6mpa 4~6kg/cm²
Feed Drive AC servo-motor (1.3kw or 1.5kw) drive ball screw for feeding
Sawhead Drive AC servo-motor (1.8kw or 2.0kw) + drive ball screw for cutting (optional)
Tail End Gripping Drive AC servo-motor (0.85kw or 1kw) + drive ball screw for gripping
Main Vise + Infeed Vise Horizontal/Vertical hydraulic type, Infeed hydraulic vise
Machine Dimensions and Weight THC-B90NC
Machine Size (mm) 6860 x 1889 x 1530
Weight (Machine + Feeder) (kg) 2800
*The manufacturer always performs product improvements to achieve the best possible performance. All dimensions and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without notice. Products specifications are based on the actual machines. The manufacturer holds explanation rights.

Double End Chamfering  Conveying Cutting

Bar Cutting

Pipe Cutting

Pipe Chamfering

Double Headed Tuming

1.Standard cutterhead for left and right x 2 sets
2. Circular clamp two pieces in one set.


1.Sawblade Gap Compensation Device
2.Tungsteen Pad for Sawblade Run-out
3.Wheel Brush
4.Scraper Type Chip Conveyor
5.Mist Cooling Device
6.Cutting Fluid Cooling Device
7.Angular Steel Slicing Device
8.Work Light


1.Custom cutterhead
2.Custom circular clamp
3.Vibration or ATF. Automatic carriage feeder
4.End Knurling Device
5.Mist cooling device


1.TCT Carbide Sawblade
2.HSS Sawblade
3.Oil Mist Collector
4.Cutting Fluid
5.Automatic Roller Out Feeding Device
6.Manual Storage Loader
7.Automatic Feeding Equipment
8.Automatic Magazine Loader
9.Automatic Locating Equipment