Fider laser marking machine

Laser Equipment


1.Small size, portable and easy to carry.
2. Stable output, high reliability, 100,000 hours long lifetime span.
3. High efficiency, low energy consumption, 0.5kW/h cost.
4. Little pollution, environment friendly, little maintenance.

Machine model JQ20FL JQ30FL
Laser wavelength (nm) 1064
Laser power (w) 20 30
Repeatable frequency (Hz) 20-200k
Max scanning speed (mm/s) 8000
Repeated positioning (mm) 0.001
Min letter (mm) 0.2
Min width (mm) 0.01
Standard marking area (mm) 100 x 100
Cooling type Air cooling
Working conditions(˚C,%) Temperature 0-35, Humidity 0-90
Power supply (AC/Hz) 220/50, 110/60

Compared with the traditional processing method, laser processing more simplifies and easy to control. Adopt with high precision laser beam and precision machinery, smart identification technology, combined with electronic computer, to achieve high automatic processing and high precision; Processing doesn’t touch the workpiece contamination problems; Laser beam instantaneous high-energy role in the workpiece, the finished product without mechanical burr, without secondary repair grinding, is the era of processing methods.

Comparison of traditional method and laser processing

Industry Application

Flexible fabric laser cutting

Advertising materials laser cutting

Metal plate laser cutting

Laser marking

Handicraft carving

Main Configuration

Touch control system

Imported lens

Taiwan guide rail/slider block

Primary brand laser tube

Powerful and easy to use software system

Multiple formats support

Wireless transmission

CCD visual cutting

Wireless controller

Wide applicability

Multiple worktable

Rotating auxiliary device

Rectify the feeding system

Smoke purification device