Metal sheet fiber laser cutting machine

Laser Equipment


The laser optimizes your manufacturing process in several ways. In a single operation you can create perforations and complex contours. In addition, tubes can be cut into sections. This enables innovative design solutions that minimize downstream tasks such as deburring, welding and assembly. The resources required for intermediate stages such as storage and part handling are also much lower, As a result, you can speed up tour process and significantly reduce costs per part over production methods that use conventional tools for sawing, drilling and milling.

Machine model JQ1530E
Cutting size (mm) 1500 x 3000 (59" x 118")
Laser power (w) Fider 1000 / 2000 / 3000
X, Y axis positioning accuracy (mm) ±0.03
Acceleration (G) 1.0
Max. moving speed (m/min) 80
Electricity requirements (V, Hz) 380, 50/60
Load of worktable (kg) 1000kg

Comparison of operations required in laser tube cutting and conventional methods.

Sample display

Main Configuration




Machine Base, Automatic Loader and Unloader

Pneumatic Front and Rear Chucks, Pneumatic holder