Fong Ho Machinery delivers ultimate sawing machines satisfaction for you!

Our full range production lines are as follows:
CNC series / Fully Automatic Type / Semi-Automatic Type / Manual Type Circular cold saw Bar Stock End Chamfering Machine / Saw Blade Sharpener / Metal Saw Blade / Pipe Processing Machines
Fong Ho Machinery Industry was established in 1979. Fong Ho Sawing machines can meet a wide range of customer's requirements and cut many different materials such as copper, aluminum, steel, stainless steel and special shapes. They are available in manual, semi-automatic, fully-automatic and CNC configurations and all of our machines deliver high speed, low noise safe cutting for your workshop. Fong Ho has longstanding partnerships around the world and is a company you can count on and cooperate with. Because of our outstanding quality and complete after sales service we have achieved good sales volume in Middle-east, Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia, India, North America, South America, Middle America and The European Union. In addition Fong Ho has also established service stations around the world in Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, USA, France, Dongguan, Amoy, Kunshan, Shanghai, Ningbo, Beijing, Tranjin in China.
Taiwan Fong Ho Machinery Industry capitalized China Fong Ho Machinery (Zhang Jia Gang) Ltd. Exclusively and in Sep. 1998 China Fong Ho Machinery (Zhang Jia Gang) Ltd. Was formally established as a sole proprietorship at Zhang Jia Gang Jiangsu Province in China.
China Fong Ho Machinery integrates and builds on the experience of Fong Ho continuously and follows the company's the company's spirit of continuous improvement to providing the highest quality and most user-friendly machines for customers.
Now, Fong Ho machinery's production range has expanded to include HSS circular cold saw, pipe chamfering machines, HSS saw blade sharpener, HSS CNC saw blade sharpener, CNC carbide sawing machines, CNC tungsten carbide sawing machine and special purpose pipe reworking machines and many others.